About Us

We are a group of highly enthusiastic and travel passionate people, driven by a fanaticism  to explore the vast, rich and diverse nation called India, and in the process of doing so, create a one stop experience sharing destination for the Indian travel community.

Explorex India is a platform for the discoverer in you, waiting to be unleashed and ready to disembark on a journey of adventure and exploration. As your inner traveller sets forth to explore the length and breadth of India, we stand here to capture you experiences and share your stories with the world.

So Who Are We?

To set the record straight, ExploreX India is not a travel company. We rather seek to provide detailed insight into travel destinations, things to do, tips and tricks, shopping, dining, and cultural recommendations from an array of sources. This includes our highly focussed and dedicated core team, and some of the top bloggers from India and the world who share their firsthand travel experiences with us.

Having all this information at one place not only helps our readers and travel community to enjoy and explore hidden destinations, but also present varied perspectives of places that you won’t get in guidebooks ordinarily available at the travel marketplace. All this is carried out with selective curation and aggregation from our experts who brings the best content out there for our readers. (including links from third party website and resources)

In addition to the above, we also invite Guest Posts and Contributory Articles from various writers to come and blog their experiences for the benefit of the travel passionate community.

Come let’s Explore together!

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