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Gujarat – Where the Rann Rides

Gujarat is a vibrant state. From the Modern cities to the beautiful landscape and ecosystem of Kutch to the unique Marine National Park where you can walk to witness coral life without ever having...

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Goa – And the Fun Begins

How many you have been to Goa? 1-2-3-More ? Goa is one destination that makes people lively. It’s fun to be in Goa.

Spectra @ Leela Kempnski 0

Spectra – The Leela Kempinski

It happens very rare that when you enter a restaurant, the first entity that greets you in all humbleness is an extensive collection of rare and exquisite wine bottles, placed strategically along the wall...

Ramgarh Bungalow 0

4 Reason to Visit Ramgarh Bungalows

  Ramgarh is a quaint little place near Nainital is about an 30 min drive from Bhimtal. The charm of Ramgarh is nothing else but immaculately maintained chain of bungalows from British era  run...

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A Balinese Affair – Welcome to Bali

Usually i plan my trips well in advance. This allows me to take advantage of early bookings discounts and low airline fare. But this time around, we woke up just 10 days before for...