10 Beautiful Lakes of Ladakh

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  • Adite Banerjie

    Hi. Thanks for pinging back on my Ladakh article and for sharing photographs of these beautiful lakes. Truly amazing!

    • http://www.explorex.in/ Gyanendra Vardhan

      Thanks Adite. The article was worth including here:) Hope you like the article here

  • USER

    THESE ARE 8…NOT 10…:p

    • http://explorex.in/ Team ExploreX

      There are two win lakes in the list Kyun Tso & Ryul Tso AND Stat Tso & Lang Tso which makes it 10

  • Isabella . ( LS7 )

    Not quite as secluded as one might hope unlike other lakes, but a tour of the world’s lakes
    is a good idea but one must always be in the shade and hide ;D

    Beautiful and exotic Indian warm water to swim like the Exocoetides ( flying fish) or
    Trachichthyidae ( slimeheaded fish) that live in these waters.

    Anything adventurous to say about the ripe mangoes that grow here, no need to go to Sainsbury’ s . Or what to do with Kulfi ( Indian milk ice cream) that melts too quickly in the heat of the subcontinent.. Saffron flavoured Kulfi, Elephants and Dancing Girls .

    • silent_pilot

      That’s quite a random post you have going there… 😀

      • Isabella . ( LS7 )

        Good Morning you. We had the most horrendous storm during the
        night, seriously loud crashes and bangs and the sky turning yellow.
        It confused me for a moment being half a sleep, thought i was in
        a warzone for a moment.

        So your not going to use your imagination and go for a little swim
        in those Indian lakes or even take an exploration on a back of
        an elephant eating mangoes, trying to avoid man eating tigers,
        I’d be alright being a female 😀
        I’ve always wanted to visit the likes of India and Tibet ( the highest
        place in the world) have you wanted to ?

        Have a nice day :-)

        • silent_pilot

          The start of your post made me chuckle, the phrase “thought i was in
          a warzone for a moment” and the bit about waking up reminded me of something. Something that happened in the second Gulf War when a mortar (British, apparently) exploded about 500m from our position in the middle of the the night. I sat up (in just my boxer shorts IIRC) and pondered what to do for a short while, because there were no accompanying small arms fire; before getting dressed and getting into my shell-scrape (a hole about 12″ deep to lie in as protection from shrapnel). We called out and made sure that we were all OK in our team (we were in another unit’s location). Shortly after they came round and let us know that it was all clear. Back to bed after that although it was hard to, because the flames from the blown gas pipelines were illuminating the sky an orange colour.

          I read the article and the lakes look lovely, but probably cold enough to give me 3 Adam’s apples! India is less appealing than Tibet and Nepal.

          Oh, I see ‘I’m alright Jack’: I won’t be eaten by a man-eating tiger, because I’m a woman. Or perhaps you’re the man-eater? 😉

          Hope you have a great day too.

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            This is a underused thread by the way, I found it because I’m female
            so therefore good at discovering things whereas a man cant even
            read a map without getting lost, and never ask directions, cant you ? let alone wander the dark corners of the blogosphere, even the murkiest and depravity filled socialist dens that I have ventured.
            Usually to be rescued by a socialist who’d be wiling to fall on their sword.. or push them on it..;-D
            Oh come on the water might be cold but just be brave.
            I do agree with the comment about Nepal, divine place, I might after
            lunch today have a little trek around the Himalayas.
            I have also wondered about the jungles of Borneo, when a little girl
            I used to have a little pen friend from that place, she never knew what snow was.
            Oi, never mind the tiger, I’m not a man eater ! I’d struggle to fit them..
            in the oven, or on the barbecue, besides aren’t men supposed to prove their masculinity by fighting tigers, you just cant get them these days. Standards have dropped 😉 bet you can throw a tiger
            or other things over your shoulder, Hmmm 😉 No don’t spoil

            it by contradicting me.
            But I do feel sorry for chaps, what with man- eating tigers, black widow , spiders. the sloth bear and Feminists if it weren’t for your
            little tadpoles, you’d be as rare as a dodo.

          • silent_pilot

            Why would I need to ask directions? So long as have a map, I’m OK. It’s officers and maps, that are the problem…

            Of course, being a woman you’ll never get man-flu either! Lucky you! 😀

            Now if the memsahib would pass me the rifle I shall put a round square between the blighter’s eyes. Bag me a tiger and then back home for tiffin and medals, what?

            The male of the species doesn’t have it as easy as the feminists would like to make out! It’s not easy being suave, sophisticated and privileged.

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            I say old fellow what’s wrong with officers and maps, its a class thing thing,say what.

            No woman have the curse of Eve instead, it used to be the case of
            sending us out of the village once a month to sit on hay stack

            ‘Bag a Tiger and back home for tiffins and medals’ Do you put
            the beasts head in the library next to the elephants head, jolly good
            sport i say old fellow oh what about the cheetah rug.

          • silent_pilot

            There’s a truism about officers and maps, and it doesn’t seem to be restricted to one nation. Chris was an officer in the NVA (Nationale Volk Armed – East German Army) and he is similarly terrible with maps. He said it was a couple of hundred metres from the hotel to the Australian Pink Floyd concert, but it was over a kilometre, even before he took a wrong turn. Certain jobs were officers in the NVA, even though their NATO counterparts were non-commissioned; so class doesn’t come into it.

            Tiger skin in the lounge. Cheetahs are too bally fast I tell you and the memsahib doesn’t load quickly enough for more than one shot.

            The following link is ‘Dinner for One’ which is shown every New Year’s Eve on German TV in English. Watch for the tiger skin in the opening section. That’s how I would imagine it! 😀

            Pip pip toodledoo.

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            That link really made me giggle this morning. A bit OT but the
            subject of India and you mentioning Officers reminds me of some books
            my grandfather read called: Flashman have you heard of them ?
            I remember looking through them years after he died.
            Whether it be the Charge of The Light Brigade( one of the most foolish
            exploits of the empire) or the ignominious retreat from Kabul or the
            theft of the Koh-i-nohr From India the acid critique of Britain’s political
            leaders and officers in the Military, were hilarious.
            I have opinions on the main character too but wouldn’t want to
            prolifically bore you 😉

            BTW in terms of the those hunting types from the excellent breeding
            stock of the aristocracy its now the time for perambulating the metropolis for the season.. a different type of hunting 😉

          • silent_pilot

            You like the link? Germans can’t believe it when you tell them it’s unknown in the UK. Plays every Silvester (NYE) on just about every channel; delayed so that you don’t miss it. They quote from it freely as well.

            Flashman? He was a character in ‘Tom Brown’s School Days’ who evolved into Flashman the soldier. There was a film ‘Royal Flash’ about him, which I think I saw when it came out. Stars Malcolm McDowell and Oliver Reed.

            Flashman’s a cad and a bounder of the highest order. Nothing more to be said.

            Mating season in the metropolis, what? Bag oneself a fine filly or handsome steed? :-)

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            Yes it was very funny, it would go down well here.
            German’s seem to like it too if they play it so often, it would appeal
            to our sense of humour.
            And by jove the mating season, for all those Tarquin’s and Jemima’s after dipping into Jemima’s daddies trust fund
            its time for her ‘ coming out’ into polite society. Where she will bump
            into Tarquin whilst trying to forget rollicking in the haystack with the gamekeepers son Christopher where she had a spiffing good time,
            by George. Just hope Tarquin has enough bullets in his pistol to do
            his duty and produce an heir.

          • silent_pilot

            Isn’t Jemima past it? I mean, she is now one of Russell Brand’s cast-offs. 3:-)

            I heard of a disgruntled soldier changing his name to Tarquin Gyroscope Bivouac and insisting that all documentation referring to him was amended accordingly. Once he left the Army, he changed it back again. Could be an urban myth; but you never know.

            Yeah, the ladies like a bit of rough! 😉 😀 Good old Christopher, taking one for the team! Not sure that Tarquin has it in him…

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            I’ve heard an awful lot like that in the Army. There is a Colonel Percival Ramsbottom in a similar situation. Now retired and quite bonkers roamed villages during the election in the middle of the night shooting at UKIP signs thinking they were Germans.

            Jemima was a fine filly once especially when she was married to that
            rather delicious Indian cricket player she clearly dropped her standards
            when she was with that hackneyed dobbin Russell Brand.

            Back to Tarquin, oh come on, try and be a good sport, all that in breeding has taken its toll, he might not be a virile as Christopher
            but don’t insult the bird perch. And your not supposed to cheer
            Christopher on like he’s a prized stud horse doing whatever in the stables as a bit of rough as you called him. Ladies live a rapscallion
            do they ?

          • silent_pilot

            The Avionics Technician trade (my trade in the Army) is renowned for the eccentrics and oddballs. Chris George was one such. http://www.nytimes.com/1994/05/27/opinion/27iht-edbarry_0.html There’s a great story about him going to see the CO of 1 Regiment Army Air Corps about getting leave during a no-leave period. He explained (as a Lance Corporal) that the CO didn’t understand, that he had a wedding to attend and that he had no choice about it (Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s). Chris was a really nice guy and virtually nobody knew who he really was . I remember one of his closest friends showing me the Obituary in the Daily Telegraph and being surprised. Then there is Alex, who was a Count until he was disinherited for joining as a soldier.

            Did I ever say that I have met Tony Deane-Drummond? Quite a story to tell about him, including 11 days hiding in a wardrobe. Always used to tip up to VIP day at the Inter-Services Gliding Championship. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Deane-Drummond Not quite Colonel Ramsbottom, though.

            She was indeed, but anything that Russell Brand has touched is damaged goods.

            There’s a literary history of ladies liking a bit of rough: ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ among them. I shouldn’t insult the bird brain, Tarquin?

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            Oh I see your trade working upon aircraft was renowned for eccentrics
            now that’s encouraging ;-0 I tend to gravitate towards the eccentric in life myself not being one of life’s sheep, others gather together is so boring . I can tell your somewhat eccentric with your unusual character.

            This Tony Deane – Drummond sounds very intriguing, 11 days hiding in a wardrobe, good grief, I hate enclosed spaces, cannot think on anything worse. Colonel Ramsbottom well he’s a law unto himself.
            Ah, so you had a think for a fine filly like Jemima Goldsmith/ Khan did you ? she’s your type?

            Not too sure she’s damaged goods though, her family are too wealthy and influential for that to matter, they’ll just wash their hands of the whole incident. I believe she’s the sister of the lovely Zac Goldsmith MP.

            Yes in literary history women like a bit of rough, read Lady Chatterley’s
            have you and Mrs Robinson when a boy no doubt .

            I guess they want to reform them bit to be quite honest what’s a bit of
            rough anyway you get good and bad in al walks of life.
            And there is nothing I hate more then those who think they are superior then others because of wealth or advantages of birth.

            PS I’ve sent you another post on that WW2 fighter pilots website
            earlier, oh please go there tonight ( Sunday) and goodnight
            without being a stuff shirt ;-D please for me 😉

          • silent_pilot

            Oi, I’m trying not to blow your cover on the other thread with your other profile.

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            Oh goodness, I need to be more careful with my little fiddler, thanks
            for reminding me 😉

          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            Your posts are still here.

            Edit.. oh do hurry up and respond to the one below, sorry there isn’t
            a map ( not that men can read maps) .

            No idea how you survived on these army training courses…
            get lost did you.. did they attach you to others.. with string ;-D
            Oh I’m treading on thin ground here and might be thrown into the
            lake when you eventually turn up.

            I think I’ll just go for a swim in those cool lakes whilst I wait,
            don’t know about your 3 Adams apples but its frozen raspberries
            for some ;-D

          • silent_pilot
          • Isabella . ( LS7 )

            Edit You can only get back here via the above or view in discussions
            but sometimes that leads you wrong.
            the actual article leads you to the picture of the lakes and those other comments that we’re not present.

    • Isabella . ( LS7 )
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