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Write For Us

It’s a beautiful world with many unexplored places to see. We at ExploreX, share a common passion for travel, adventure and food, aiming to bring hidden gems in front of the world.

If you are reading this, we believe you are very much fond of travelling and exploring the world around you. We assume you also have some great destination or travel tips to share. If yes, then why not share with us and the whole world? May be a Guest Post or become a regular contributor?

Write for Us

Some Type of Articles You can Write

  • Destination Guide and Things to Do
  • Travel Tips
  • Food Reviews and Restaurant Reviews
  • Themed round-up related to travel such as food and drinks etc.

While above is just some example of articles we accept, don’t limit yourself to them. We accept any and all tips related to Travel and Adventure provided they are unique and add value to our readers. We allow articles of commercial interest and themes promotion within limited boundaries which are relevant to the ExploreX Community.


ExploreX does not prefer generic articles. We invite post with insider view of the travel such as destination guide, tips and tricks, food reviews etc with following below minimum guidelines

a. Article should be original

b. A minimum of 300-500 words

c. Minimum 2 Pictures (if using a third-party pics, Make sure to give proper credit to original author/photographer)

d. Your Bio (To be published along with article)

e. If you use another site as a source, then please be sure to cite it in the resources section of your post.

f. For promotional articles, use your creativity to make it unique and unbiased.

If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at some of post

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We value all of our contributors, and we reward them with link back to their sites and products at the end of the article they wrote for us. In future we may also extend other reward opportunities including but not limited to payouts.

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