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Pradeep Aggarwal
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Pradeep Aggarwal
Founding Member

Mr Pradeep is the founding member of ExploreX. ExploreX stands for a vision, a promise to make sure that we can make every individual on the planet to go a mile more. A journey from normal to something exceptional.

BSC. Information Technology

Based in India, he is an Artificial Intelligence expert and 7-year veteran at the firm, working with major institutions and organizations in India. For more then 5+ years he has been teaching Artificial Intelligence at various well known institutions. Besides from that he has major role in product Research & Development at Artificial Exploration Technologies.

He has trained more then 3000+ students pan India. He has been visiting member, panelist, chief guest at various well known colleges like IIT's, Bit's, Mithibai College and a lot more.

Mr Krishna is the founding member for ExploreX. At ExploreX we have a dream, a vision, a promise to make sure that we make everyone a bit more then normal... an Exception. We truly believe that every individual has the ability to go beyond the normal. 

The only factor that is responsible for my journey so far is the embarrassment, humiliation and the belief of my own people stating that I can not do anything. The start is always painful but what matters is how long can you bear and walk with it. With time every wound will fill, humiliation will convert into honor, the belief will change and you will shine.
Its just that extra mile a journey from being normal to an exception.